What does having an aadhar card do for you?

Aadhar card is a biometric identity card that is linked to a government database. It employs an universal ID number which you can use in various situations that requires assistance or benefits from a government related services.

If you’re not sure how this is beneficial for you, then read our list of what does having this card can do for you.

Centralised database – an aadhar card is designed to link all your personal information with one database. That way, your data is safely stored in one place.

Eliminating middlemen – having an aadhar card means that you don’t have to deal with middlemen for a help. Since all your data is stored on one place, an aadhar card gives you direct access to the database.

Easy access – with aadhar card you will have an immediate access to any government assistance or benefits. With a direct access to the resources, you will save much time on the process of application or filling in forms.

Quicker to LPG subsidiary – a 12 digits identification number on an aadhar card is linked directly to your LPG subsidy. That means the amount of the subsidy is automatically transferred to your bank account each month.

A new passport in under 10 days – another great thing is that you can have a new passport in under 10 days. Since all your personal data is stored in government database, you are just a click away from a new passport. And you can even request it from a comfort of your home.

Opening a new bank account – as with any other technical issue that requires a paperwork, you will be thrilled by the fact that you don’t have to wait in lines anymore. With one simple step you can easily open a new bank account just entering your aadhar card number and filling in the forms online. Having an aadhar card doesn’t require collecting a bunch of documents and files as is the case when you’re not using an aadhar card.

Digital life certificate – an aadhar card is secured and locked with digital locker, an application that allows you to store your personal data and use it in exchange for different administrative and government services and benefits.

Receipt of monthly pension – your monthly pension can be delivered directly to you. Just link your aadhar card number to a your respective government department and set up an automatic transfer of your monthly pension on your bank account.

Student scholarships – if you’re a student funded by the government, you can get an easier access to your scholarship. All you need to do it to link your aadhar card number to a bank account where a monthly payment is made.

Provident funds – a receipt of these funds can be automatically set to transfer to your bank account with the help of an aadhar card. Register your aadhar card with an employee provident fund organisation and enjoy automatically transferred monthly payments.

MNREGA payments – workers who link their aadhar card number to the bank account will enjoy the benefits of direct deposits of their MNREGA wages.

Visit this link to download your card: euidai aadhar downloads