Online games you should play if you want a break from politics

No matter to what age group you belong there comes a time when you want to have a break from the stress and exhaustion of daily routine and you want to relax for few hours to get back to the life again.

Some people like to read, some like to go out with friends but the best way to relax is to go for the gaming. If you are the one who is tired of politics and you want to take some break from your daily routine, then here are some of the best games that you should play in order to find peace of mind and feel relaxed.


You can play plants vs zombies at Friv and you are definitely going to be addicted to this game. This is a fun game where you have to use different plants to shoot the zombies which are of different kinds.

Some zombies are easy to kill but some are difficult to shoot. You can use multiple plants and can plant them on the ground in order to shoot zombies according to your points. You can collect these points in the form of the sun from the sunflowers.


If you love to play management games online then this game is just the right thing for you. You can go for the penguin dinner and this game has two parts till now. Once you have started playing it, time will start flying.

You have to be a waiter of the café and your character is a penguin. With each level, you have to satisfy the customers and you have to level up your restaurant in the form of new tables, chairs, menu, and chef.


Angry bird is one of the most famous games among the people. Due to the advancement of the games, you can now be able to witness the extraordinary levels in this game.

If you have never played this game, then you must give it a try as it will help you stay away from your stress. You are definitely going to play this game once in a day to get away from all the worries and definitely you are going to get lost in the game.


The best thing about this game is that no matter from which device you are playing this game the soldier in this game is going to run smoothly without any problem or any shutdown error.

You have to choose the character and it will turn himself into the soldier. After playing it for a while, you can play it online with your friends too.


Runescape has a title of world’s most famous game. About 200 million people played this game and they absolutely loved it due to the graphics and storyboard of the game.

You can play this game online with other friends as well and you can compete with the players who are on the server playing Runescape. This game is one of the addictive games in the history.

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