Obama a Soccer Fan? We Look at the Former President’s Favorite Sports

The president of the United States is not only a role model for the people of United States but for the other countries as well. The United States is one of the most powerful countries of the world.

It’s not only the people of the United States but the people from the entire world that are interested in knowing about the life of the American presidents because they want to follow their lifestyle to become successful in their lives.

All the presidents of United States have managed the administration of the country in a perfect way that’s why America has become the most powerful country in the world. One of the most common things found in the presidents of United States is the fitness and the best aspect is playing poker.  But Obama doesn’t consider it a sport “because it doesn’t make him sweat.”

Almost all the presidents of United States were conscious about their health and that’s the reason why they all were interested in watching and playing several games.

Today, we’re going to focus on the life of the former US president Barrack Obama. President Obama was a fit and healthy president of US and the reason behind his fitness was the craze of playing several games. In this article, we’ll talk about the favorite games of President Obama and we’ll also discuss his love of Soccer.


Golf is the favorite game of almost all the presidents of US. President Obama is a very good player of golf and he used to play golf in his spare time.

It is also reported that he used to go to golf club every week to play some golf with his friends. His wife is also a huge fan of Golf and she also accompanies him whenever he goes to play the golf.


Soccer is one of the favorite games of President Obama. Various soccer tours revealed a fact that President Obama has a craze of watching and playing Soccer. He wasn’t an expert soccer player but he still knew lots of tricks to dodge the players. It is also reported that he never missed watching a soccer match.

He doesn’t have any favorite team but he has a craze of watching the match. That’s why he never misses an international match without worrying about who is playing the match. He still has a craze of watching soccer matches and he doesn’t want to miss a match.


Baseball is an energetic game that requires a lot of energy and effort. President Obama was also a fan of Baseball and he used to play baseball with several players. He never spent enough time to play baseball but he still was a big fan of baseball. And he always goes to watch the match of baseball whenever an international match is being played.

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