Why is it good to have athletes as social influencers in the political campaign

We witnessed some extraordinary political campaigns in the last decade or so. The number of voters is still the primary objective for each campaign; yet, the strategic team behind the most effective political campaigns have raised the bar with their approach to the matter.

Engaging celebrities in the political campaign is not a novelty, but with the power of social media, their role became more prominent for a particular political campaign. Acting as spokespersons for the selected candidate, famous athletes, actors, businesspeople, and investors have the power to attract the voters. On the other hand, prominent people act as influencers: having their circle of followers and people who trust them, they can easily push specific ideas to their followers and gain more votes for the candidate they represent.

Since influencers became one of the cornerstones of modern political campaigns, let’s take a look at athletes role in the political campaigns and their effect on the voters.

Athletes as Social Influencers

Athletes are an excellent example of the values a particular political campaign or political party is about to promote. First of all, athletes are great role models for children and teenagers, which indirectly makes an impact on the parents. Since politicians encourage family values and put a considerable amount of effort to make these values stand out in their campaign, athletes serve them as a great example of their goals.

On the other hand, political campaigns focus on to make the voters believe in the authority of the selected candidate. In that matter, athletes have the power to make politicians accountable for their actions and words. The logic behind the strategy is this: if you want to achieve something remarkable and revolutionary, which is by default something that will not be readily accepted, use people with credentials and proven track record of success. There is a likely chance that your idea will gain more attention and affection with that strategy.

The impact of athletes on voters

A successful political campaign is the one that addresses the issues of minorities. For the success of every marketing goal, Jay Levinson extracted four significant marketplace segments, among which Hispanic community has its vital role. In the light of political engagement, Hispanic athletes involved in bodybuilding, for example, are excellent goal target for politicians. The bodybuilding industry gained more and more attention within the Hispanic community, which gives unique advantages for political marketing experts and their projects. As the Hispanic bodybuilders aspire to achieve peak performance for their body, the political marketing experts and their clients want to stir up their voter’s beliefs and emotions and direct it toward their candidate.

Another interesting thing regarding Hispanic bodybuilders and their role in the politics is the fact that many of them came from poverty and troublesome families and achieved success in their lives with the strength of their character. Politicians use their success stories to make an emotional connection with the voters that are in the similar position, which affects the success of the political campaign.