Obama’s Golf Balls Are as Good as His Shoes

Obama loves his golf.  Especially now that his Presidency is over.  If you’ve noticed, he rocks some awesome golf shoes.

Obama's golf shoes

There are plenty of places to find great reviews of golf shoes online, such as at Hitting The Golf Ball, it just depends on what style you’re going for.  However, to go along with Obama’s sweet shoes, he needs some great golf balls.  So, if you’re looking to golf like Obama (he’s pretty good),  this post will guide you on picking the right ball.  The mistake of many golf players, especially the new ones, is not putting enough attention on the golf ball that they are buying. What these people fail to realize is that having a good golf ball is essential in having a good game. Some would even argue that a good game starts with a good golf ball. The golf ball went through several phases of evolution before it arrived at what it is today. The present golf ball is actually a product of aeronautical engineering. With this knowledge, hopefully you will have a better appreciation of the “lowly” be-dimpled golf ball.

Qualities of a good golf ball

When choosing a golf ball, you nee to look fro three qualities. First it must have the right content. Players must consider what the ball is actually made of. Golf balls today are mostly made of either titanium, or balata. There is a new breed of golf balls though and they are filled with different materials thus creating a multi-layered ball. These are lightweight materials that enable the ball to travel faster and farther. The next quality that golfers must consider is the weight of the ball. The ball must be light enough so it can easily glide in the air. The ball should not weigh more than 1.938 ounces or 45.93 grams. As far as the diameter is concerned, it should not be wider than 1.680 inches or 42.67 mm. Finally, the golf ball must provide efficiency. This means that the golf ball must help players play with accuracy and consistency.

Improvements in recent years

What many people do not know is that the golf balls had undergone tremendous changes in recent years and not just in the last decades or centuries. Wiser players know that this and use it to their advantage. One should actually pout as much emphasis on choosing golf balls as in choosing golf clubs. Golf ball manufacturers actually spent millions in research and development just to be able to give players the best performing golf ball. Some of  the more advanced golf balls are quite expensive but more often than not, the price is justified. You can easily see the difference in performance between a low quality and a high quality ball. Of course, price should not be the only indicator that you should use. But if a cheap ball looks too good to be true, then it probably is.

tee it up!

Beware of imitations

Another thing that you should be aware of when buying golf balls is the existence of imitations. You should particularly be careful if you are buying online. This is the reason why you should only buy from accredited dealers and sellers of original golf equipment. The problem with counterfeits is that it is hard to spot them nowadays which, ironically, is also die to advancements in science in technology. Keep in mind that buying these fakes is not worth the savings up front. Original equipment lasts much longer, so it’s much cheaper in the long run.

Obama has some great golf gear, but now you know what to do to get on the same level as him.  Get some great shoes, balls, and have at it!

Finding the right attorney as an entrepreneur

An attorney is someone who is formally trained in law. There are different fields in the law industry; each of which needs to be followed by a different set of rules. The rules are stated by the government which have to be followed in any case. If you do anything against those laws, you will be answerable to the court. The lawyers help you when you have done something that is not according to the law, or you have a set of legal issues to follow. Legal Allay entrepreneur attorneys play a major role in guiding the people about the laws and ensuring that they take every step in their business according to the prescribed set of rules by the government.

business attorney

An entrepreneur attorney must have all the information about the following aspects of the business:

  • Contract law
  • Tax law
  • Accounting
  • Bankruptcy
  • Licensing
  • Intellectual property rights
  • Zoning laws
  • Securities laws

Other than the aspects mentioned above an entrepreneur attorney must also have a complete grip on the laws that are specific to the business of corporations they are working for. The legalities of commercial transactions are all dependent on the entrepreneur attorney. He has to be the one to advise the corporations regarding their legal rights and legal duties.


It is essential to find the right attorney. You must ask for recommendations from the business owners of your industry or from the people you trust to give a genuine opinion. Getting only the names of attorneys is never enough; you must inquire about their strengths and weaknesses because you are going to share with them the secrets of your business. You would want them to depict a bad picture of you. Always check the credibility of an attorney because you are going to share a unique bond with him or her. You have to be sure of the secrecy level and the skills of an attorney.

Another small tip is that do not finalize an attorney on the very first meeting. Keep your options open. Interview at least four attorneys and then rank them according to their skills, strengths, track record, and weaknesses; only then you will be able to make the right decision.