Blow Up Kayaking Gets Us To Madagascar

9 Night Sea Kayaking Adventure on Masoala Peninsula

From 1386 per person

  • 9 nights wilderness camping on the Masoala Peninsula
  • 100 kilometers sea and river kayaking
  • Snorkeling in Tampolo and Cap Masoala Marine Reserves .
  • Walks in primary and coastal rainforest of the Masoala National Park
  • Cultural experience of traditional farming and village life
  • Swimming in crystal clear forest streams
  • Fresh sea food and organic local produce



Oct/ Nov and December 2011



Kayak from Tampolo, approximately half way down the Masoala Peninsula, to Cap Masoala, the end point of the peninsula. Along the way exploring rivers and mangroves by kayak and pristine forest on foot, snorkeling on coral reefs and camping on deserted beaches and islands.  Use the best inflatable kayak to get from point to point.


Day 1:Met on arrival at the Maroantsetra airport for the transfer to the Hotel Coco Beach. Evening walk into town to make last purchases of hats, lambas (khikois), grass mats etc. Night in Hotel Coco Beach in Maroantsetra.

Day 2:After an early breakfast, board the wooden support boat for the crossing of the Bay d’Antongil from Maroantsetra to the Masoala Forest Camp at Tampolo, a distance of 40 kilometers taking around 3 hours. After a swim or snorkel on the nearby reefs, lunch and siesta, prepare the kayaks and set off down the forested shoreline for an evening kayak to the primary rainforest. Overnight in the MFC, expedition night 1. (8 km kayaked, 2 hours)

Day 3: Explore the primary rainforest of the Masoala National Park with an official guide before lunch. Afternoon of rest in the shady hammocks, with the options of snorkeling and swimming and short sunset kayak. Overnight in the MFC, expedition night 2.

Day 4:After an early breakfast, kayak down the coast through the Tampolo marine reserve, stopping on the sacred island for a swim and exploring some forest rivers and mangroves, as far as the camp at the Antalavia river. After lunch, a refreshing swim in the crystal clear pools and cascades of the river, snorkeling on the reefs and relaxing on the beach. Overnight in the Antalavia camp, expedition night 3. (14 km kayaked, 4 hours)

Day 5:After a relaxed morning, the option of some kayak exploration of the coast and some of the nearby forest rivers, or a swim and kloofing exploration of the Antalavia river and then lunch and afternoon exploring the traditional farm of the local family. Overnight in the Antalavia camp, expedition night 4. (6 km kayaked, 2 hours)

Day 6:After an early breakfast, continue kayaking down the coast, stopping for a rest on the beach at Ankazafotsy and then around the rocky point of Famolambe to the camp on the beach at the Savaronana river. Explore the river estuary by kayak and snorkeling and explore the wild, deserted coastline on foot. Overnight in the Savaronana camp, expedition night 5. (16 km kayaked, 5 hours)

Day 7: A long kayak down the coast to the village of Masoala for a rest on the beach and then out to the island camp on Nosy Behento. After setting up camp, lunch and a rest, explore the island on foot and by snorkel. Overnight on Nosy Behento, expedition night 6. (18 km kayaked, 6 hours)

Day 8:Kayak along the shoreline of the vast turquoise lagoon of the Cap Masoala Marine Reserve and then around Cap Masoala itself, stopping for lunch on a white sand beach at the very end of the Masoala Peninsula. Kayak back to Nosy Behento camp. Overnight on Nosy Behento, expedition night 7. (24 km kayaked, 6 hours)

Day 9:Day of rest and exploration, sunset kayak around the island. Overnight on Nosy Behento, expedition night 8. (4 km kayaked, 1 hour)

Day 10:After an early breakfast, load and board the support boat for the 40 km return trip to Tampolo for a last night in paradise at the Masoala Forest Camp. Afternoon pirogue trip on the shady Tampolo River and a last evening kayak to the secret cove on Tampolo point. Overnight in the MFC, expedition night 9. (4 km kayaked, 1 hour)

Day 11 : After breakfast, board the boat for the 40 km trip across the Bay d’Antongil to Maroantsetra and a night in the Hotel Coco Beach or direct flight out if the flights schedule permits.


This expedition program is subject to changes due to weather or other logistical reasons to be decided by the guides at the time.


  • 3 nights’ accommodation in the Masoala Forest Camp with comfortable two 4 meter bow tents with camp beds and flushing ablutions and showers
  • 6 nights’ accommodation in the wilderness camps at Antalavia, Savaronana and Nosy Behento
  • The wilderness camps are equipped with MSR tents and thermarest sleeping pads and Shelters for kitchen and dining areas and wilderness ablution techniques are used.
  • Wooden support boat to carry gear and provisions during the kayak expedition. (Client participation is expected in loading and unloading the boat and setting up camp.)
  • Boat transfers between Maroantsetra and the Masoala Forest Camp before and after the expedition
  • All meals, snacks, water, and cold drinks (alcoholic beverages are on surcharge)
  • Official guide for the Masoala National Park
  • Permits for the Masoala National Park
  • Experienced sea kayak guides
  • Kayaking equipment (sit-on-top “C-Kayaks” with back rests, paddles,dry bags)
  • Catering supplies and equipment (all meals, tea, coffee, drinking water, powdered juices).
  • Cook


  • 2 nights at the hotel Coco Beach in Maroantsetra
  • Meals and drinks at the hotel Coco Beach in Maroantsetra
  • Airport – hotel – Airport transfers
  • There is the option to stay in the Masoala Forest Lodge for 3 of the nights for a surcharge
  • Personal camping gear (bedding, pillow, grass mat, hammock)
  • Personal first aid equipment
  • Snacks to eat while kayaking (bring your own nuts, biltong, power bars etc)
  • Snorkeling gear
  • Fishing gear
  • WC and shower facilities (wilderness camping techniques to be used)
  • Alcoholic and bottled soft drinks

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