Here’s some tips for picking out a good golf putter

 Every man knows that the essential thing in golf is choosing a good putter. Not only does it make your posture straight, it also makes your swing flexible and within the eye range.

Having a good putter means more confidence, more comfort and eventually more success. However, do you know what things you should consider what are the best golf putters? If not, stick with us and read these tips about picking out a good golf putter.

 A key to a good putter

There is a variety of putters on the market, which really makes your buying easy and more dynamic. However, with the variety comes indecisiveness or inability to know the features that you should look for. So, here’s the list of essential things you should consider when buying a putter:

 Length first…

All golfers would agree that the length of a putter is the most important feature of a golf equipment. In golf, it’s all about getting into the right position and making your body comfortable enough to make a long swing. When you are tilting down from your hips, you want a putter to fit your set-up to give you eyes over the ball, hands under your shoulders, elbows bent and hips over your heels. With the right length of a putter, a shaft will be in line with your forearms, making your body relaxed enough to make a good swing. Unfortunately, the majority of players choose clubs with the wrong putter length.

…Then weight

The second important feature of a
good putter is its weight. Too heavy putter means shorter and slower swings, and too light putter means you won’t get much control over your swings because it will feel too light in your hands. An ideal weight of a putter is when you achieve a certain swing weight on a certain length, which allows you to make a strong swing.


Make sure you get the right balance

 The balance point is another feature worth considering when buying a good putter. Generally, there are two kinds of putters in regards to the balance – a face balanced and a toe balanced putter. When a putter is facing the sky when you’re holding your shaft parallel to the grounds, that’s a face balanced putter. When a toe is facing the sky, then it’s a toe balanced putter. The difference between the two is reflected on a type of a stroke you need. For a square to square stroke, face balanced putter will be a better choice than the toe balanced one. If you want a nice arc stroke, you should pick a toe balanced putter instead.


Relax and choose a head design

 Choosing a head design doesn’t have much in common with the aerodynamics and preferences – it’s purely a matter of aesthetics.

Players have different affinities towards putter head design, but the biggest dilemma is whether you like a mallet head or a blade head, with sight line or with none. Again, the choice depends on the type of the stroke you need – a square to square stroke is better with mallet head putter, while a blade headed one with a good sight line is the best choice for an arc stroke.


What does having an aadhar card do for you?

Aadhar card is a biometric identity card that is linked to a government database. It employs an universal ID number which you can use in various situations that requires assistance or benefits from a government related services.

If you’re not sure how this is beneficial for you, then read our list of what does having this card can do for you.

Centralised database – an aadhar card is designed to link all your personal information with one database. That way, your data is safely stored in one place.

Eliminating middlemen – having an aadhar card means that you don’t have to deal with middlemen for a help. Since all your data is stored on one place, an aadhar card gives you direct access to the database.

Easy access – with aadhar card you will have an immediate access to any government assistance or benefits. With a direct access to the resources, you will save much time on the process of application or filling in forms.

Quicker to LPG subsidiary – a 12 digits identification number on an aadhar card is linked directly to your LPG subsidy. That means the amount of the subsidy is automatically transferred to your bank account each month.

A new passport in under 10 days – another great thing is that you can have a new passport in under 10 days. Since all your personal data is stored in government database, you are just a click away from a new passport. And you can even request it from a comfort of your home.

Opening a new bank account – as with any other technical issue that requires a paperwork, you will be thrilled by the fact that you don’t have to wait in lines anymore. With one simple step you can easily open a new bank account just entering your aadhar card number and filling in the forms online. Having an aadhar card doesn’t require collecting a bunch of documents and files as is the case when you’re not using an aadhar card.

Digital life certificate – an aadhar card is secured and locked with digital locker, an application that allows you to store your personal data and use it in exchange for different administrative and government services and benefits.

Receipt of monthly pension – your monthly pension can be delivered directly to you. Just link your aadhar card number to a your respective government department and set up an automatic transfer of your monthly pension on your bank account.

Student scholarships – if you’re a student funded by the government, you can get an easier access to your scholarship. All you need to do it to link your aadhar card number to a bank account where a monthly payment is made.

Provident funds – a receipt of these funds can be automatically set to transfer to your bank account with the help of an aadhar card. Register your aadhar card with an employee provident fund organisation and enjoy automatically transferred monthly payments.

MNREGA payments – workers who link their aadhar card number to the bank account will enjoy the benefits of direct deposits of their MNREGA wages.

Visit this link to download your card: euidai aadhar downloads

Blow Up Kayaking Gets Us To Madagascar

9 Night Sea Kayaking Adventure on Masoala Peninsula

From 1386 per person

  • 9 nights wilderness camping on the Masoala Peninsula
  • 100 kilometers sea and river kayaking
  • Snorkeling in Tampolo and Cap Masoala Marine Reserves .
  • Walks in primary and coastal rainforest of the Masoala National Park
  • Cultural experience of traditional farming and village life
  • Swimming in crystal clear forest streams
  • Fresh sea food and organic local produce



Oct/ Nov and December 2011



Kayak from Tampolo, approximately half way down the Masoala Peninsula, to Cap Masoala, the end point of the peninsula. Along the way exploring rivers and mangroves by kayak and pristine forest on foot, snorkeling on coral reefs and camping on deserted beaches and islands.  Use the best inflatable kayak to get from point to point.


Day 1:Met on arrival at the Maroantsetra airport for the transfer to the Hotel Coco Beach. Evening walk into town to make last purchases of hats, lambas (khikois), grass mats etc. Night in Hotel Coco Beach in Maroantsetra.

Day 2:After an early breakfast, board the wooden support boat for the crossing of the Bay d’Antongil from Maroantsetra to the Masoala Forest Camp at Tampolo, a distance of 40 kilometers taking around 3 hours. After a swim or snorkel on the nearby reefs, lunch and siesta, prepare the kayaks and set off down the forested shoreline for an evening kayak to the primary rainforest. Overnight in the MFC, expedition night 1. (8 km kayaked, 2 hours)

Day 3: Explore the primary rainforest of the Masoala National Park with an official guide before lunch. Afternoon of rest in the shady hammocks, with the options of snorkeling and swimming and short sunset kayak. Overnight in the MFC, expedition night 2.

Day 4:After an early breakfast, kayak down the coast through the Tampolo marine reserve, stopping on the sacred island for a swim and exploring some forest rivers and mangroves, as far as the camp at the Antalavia river. After lunch, a refreshing swim in the crystal clear pools and cascades of the river, snorkeling on the reefs and relaxing on the beach. Overnight in the Antalavia camp, expedition night 3. (14 km kayaked, 4 hours)

Day 5:After a relaxed morning, the option of some kayak exploration of the coast and some of the nearby forest rivers, or a swim and kloofing exploration of the Antalavia river and then lunch and afternoon exploring the traditional farm of the local family. Overnight in the Antalavia camp, expedition night 4. (6 km kayaked, 2 hours)

Day 6:After an early breakfast, continue kayaking down the coast, stopping for a rest on the beach at Ankazafotsy and then around the rocky point of Famolambe to the camp on the beach at the Savaronana river. Explore the river estuary by kayak and snorkeling and explore the wild, deserted coastline on foot. Overnight in the Savaronana camp, expedition night 5. (16 km kayaked, 5 hours)

Day 7: A long kayak down the coast to the village of Masoala for a rest on the beach and then out to the island camp on Nosy Behento. After setting up camp, lunch and a rest, explore the island on foot and by snorkel. Overnight on Nosy Behento, expedition night 6. (18 km kayaked, 6 hours)

Day 8:Kayak along the shoreline of the vast turquoise lagoon of the Cap Masoala Marine Reserve and then around Cap Masoala itself, stopping for lunch on a white sand beach at the very end of the Masoala Peninsula. Kayak back to Nosy Behento camp. Overnight on Nosy Behento, expedition night 7. (24 km kayaked, 6 hours)

Day 9:Day of rest and exploration, sunset kayak around the island. Overnight on Nosy Behento, expedition night 8. (4 km kayaked, 1 hour)

Day 10:After an early breakfast, load and board the support boat for the 40 km return trip to Tampolo for a last night in paradise at the Masoala Forest Camp. Afternoon pirogue trip on the shady Tampolo River and a last evening kayak to the secret cove on Tampolo point. Overnight in the MFC, expedition night 9. (4 km kayaked, 1 hour)

Day 11 : After breakfast, board the boat for the 40 km trip across the Bay d’Antongil to Maroantsetra and a night in the Hotel Coco Beach or direct flight out if the flights schedule permits.


This expedition program is subject to changes due to weather or other logistical reasons to be decided by the guides at the time.


  • 3 nights’ accommodation in the Masoala Forest Camp with comfortable two 4 meter bow tents with camp beds and flushing ablutions and showers
  • 6 nights’ accommodation in the wilderness camps at Antalavia, Savaronana and Nosy Behento
  • The wilderness camps are equipped with MSR tents and thermarest sleeping pads and Shelters for kitchen and dining areas and wilderness ablution techniques are used.
  • Wooden support boat to carry gear and provisions during the kayak expedition. (Client participation is expected in loading and unloading the boat and setting up camp.)
  • Boat transfers between Maroantsetra and the Masoala Forest Camp before and after the expedition
  • All meals, snacks, water, and cold drinks (alcoholic beverages are on surcharge)
  • Official guide for the Masoala National Park
  • Permits for the Masoala National Park
  • Experienced sea kayak guides
  • Kayaking equipment (sit-on-top “C-Kayaks” with back rests, paddles,dry bags)
  • Catering supplies and equipment (all meals, tea, coffee, drinking water, powdered juices).
  • Cook


  • 2 nights at the hotel Coco Beach in Maroantsetra
  • Meals and drinks at the hotel Coco Beach in Maroantsetra
  • Airport – hotel – Airport transfers
  • There is the option to stay in the Masoala Forest Lodge for 3 of the nights for a surcharge
  • Personal camping gear (bedding, pillow, grass mat, hammock)
  • Personal first aid equipment
  • Snacks to eat while kayaking (bring your own nuts, biltong, power bars etc)
  • Snorkeling gear
  • Fishing gear
  • WC and shower facilities (wilderness camping techniques to be used)
  • Alcoholic and bottled soft drinks

Here are a few tips for hiring a lawyer if you get into a car accident

Searching for the suitable candidates is really important to hire a car accident attorney. Later on, the further procedure begins. Here are a few important tips that you should consider when appointing a car accident lawyer.

In order to find the right candidate, you must follow this step by step procedure to select the right candidate for your case.

Lawyers who have served you well in the past: –

Consider the same lawyer for your car accident case who has served you well in past by doing a great job for you. Ask them to recommend a lawyer for you if they do not handle car accident cases.

Lawyers usually know each other thus it becomes a way of getting an “insider referral”. Your former lawyer will suggest you the person who has outstanding knowledge of the area that you are looking for.

Suggestion from friends and relatives: –

If any of your friend, relative or colleague has gone through the procedure you can simply ask them if they were satisfied with the representation. Consider the lawyer if they give you a thumb up.

After preparing a list of at least 3 candidates for your case take some time to check their website for past credentials and experience. And try to learn the lawyer’s reputation by asking around.

There are a few important things that you should consider when hiring a lawyer for car accident. We have enlisted the important things for your comfort.

  • Prior successes in your kind of case.
  • Previous experience.
  • The person you choose should be able to explain things clearly.
  • Focus on the lawyer’s interest in your case.

The Fee Agreement: –

Generally, a contingent fee is proposed by lawyers for dealing with car accident cases, where you do not pay any legal fee if you don’t recover.

Additional Tips: –

Hire a CDM Law car accident lawyer within a week or two of your injury once you have decided to hire a lawyer to represent you. Thus, your lawyer gets sufficient time to investigate the facts. He will tell you about which health care providers should you consult.

You can speak to your lawyer if he is not working according to your expectations. Discuss any kind of problem with your lawyer that you see. He might provide you a good reason for doing something or for avoiding something.

You can simply discuss the situation with your lawyer. You can get rid of the lawyer and find another one if you realize that your lawyer is not doing all that is necessary.

Consider appointing a car crash lawyer for an hourly rate if you believe that your case is valuable and has significant proofs of damage. It is only recommended if there are more chances that the case will settle. Limiting the amount of hourly charges to protect yourself against unforeseen issues is quite helpful in such cases, probably at the stage of a typical contingent fee.

Japanese Sporting Knives By Henckels

JA Henckels are well known as one of the oldest and largest manufacturers of chefs knives. Based in Solingen, Germany, they produce many different types of cutlery, but their reputation for strong, high-quality knives comes from their fantastic JA Henckels knives.

JA Henckel knives come in a variety of types and price ranges. However, here on Best Kitchen Knives Reviewed, we only want to feature those we consider to be the best of the best. Accordingly, we have chosen to review the Henckels Pro S, the Henckels Twin Cermax, and the Henckels Twin Select as our selection of the top three JA Henckels knives.

Henckels Pro S

The best-selling Henckels line is the Henckels Pro S, and also one of our favorites. Designed for professional chefs, these knives have a forged blade, a balancing bolster and strong Novodur handles which are bonded to the full tang. You may find, as with many traditional German blades, that you may prefer to sharpen up the blade when you get it. However, with the right maintenance, the blade will keep its edge for a good long time.

Several grades of steel go into the Henckels Professional S line, contradicting the theory that a strong knife needs a single blank of steel.   This knife can be found here at  The Henckel blade holds it edge for longer because its steel has a higher carbon and chromium content. The steel in the bolster has less carbon, allowing it to resist corrosion. High-tech stuff, indeed!

The three rivet, ergonomic handle featured on the knife is Henckels signature piece. I don’t think I can remember even one complaint about this handle. You have confidence in the blade from the control given by the handle and the balance from the blade. Both of these factors will make doing a lot of prep work in the kitchen far easier.

Verdict? Can’t you tell we’re practically drooling over this one?

Henckels Twin Cermax

This is another excellent knife from Henckels. The Henckels Twin Cermax was produced a few years ago as JA Henckels response to the surging popularity of Japanese kitchen knives. The selling point for these knives was that they combined “German steel with Japanese manufacturing.” Henckel knives are often criticized for their humdrum, average look, but this knife is certainly a beauty!

It has a very sharp blade, and is the sharpest Henckels knife we’ve seen right out of the box. The microcarbide steel used in its construction make the blade super hard and razor sharp. The full-tang, triple riveted craftsmanship bestow the knives with great balance.

The black Micarta in the handle makes it quite heavy. It is believe that this was an intentional step by Henckels. These blades are aimed at the consumer rather than commercial market, and heavier handles are more popular with consumers. The handle is still shaped well to fit into the hand.

Verdict? Once we got past the heavy handle, this knife was a dream to use. Bravo!

Henckels Twin Select

The Henckels Twin Select kitchen knife has a broad blade and curved edge, and is made from high-carbon stainless steel. Its weight is well suited to chopping, slicing and dicing.

The large bolster on these knives provide them with great balance and stability. Although the handles are ergonomic and comfortable, the stainless steel material can make them hard to grip with wet hands.

The Henckels Pro S is almost identical to this knife, but we do prefer the easier to grip handle on the Pro S. We also found the Twin Select more ‘delicate’ and more difficult to care for, but that could just be a question of taste.

Verdict? Great knife. Beautiful, yet slippery handle.


Because of the low quality and, dare I say it, cheap JA Henckels knives that are sold in Walmarts everywhere, many knife knuts turn up their noses at everything the brand has to offer. Do not be put off by this, however, as the JA Henckels knives mentioned here are very good quality and, whether you just like cooking at home or are a professional chef, you will find them capable of handling whatever task you need done.

Finding your ideal knife will all depend on your personal preference, but we would recommend you do not overlook the JA Henckels knives in your search.

Obama’s Golf Balls Are as Good as His Shoes

Obama loves his golf.  Especially now that his Presidency is over.  If you’ve noticed, he rocks some awesome golf shoes.

Obama's golf shoes

There are plenty of places to find great reviews of golf shoes online, such as at Hitting The Golf Ball, it just depends on what style you’re going for.  However, to go along with Obama’s sweet shoes, he needs some great golf balls.  So, if you’re looking to golf like Obama (he’s pretty good),  this post will guide you on picking the right ball.  The mistake of many golf players, especially the new ones, is not putting enough attention on the golf ball that they are buying. What these people fail to realize is that having a good golf ball is essential in having a good game. Some would even argue that a good game starts with a good golf ball. The golf ball went through several phases of evolution before it arrived at what it is today. The present golf ball is actually a product of aeronautical engineering. With this knowledge, hopefully you will have a better appreciation of the “lowly” be-dimpled golf ball.

Qualities of a good golf ball

When choosing a golf ball, you nee to look fro three qualities. First it must have the right content. Players must consider what the ball is actually made of. Golf balls today are mostly made of either titanium, or balata. There is a new breed of golf balls though and they are filled with different materials thus creating a multi-layered ball. These are lightweight materials that enable the ball to travel faster and farther. The next quality that golfers must consider is the weight of the ball. The ball must be light enough so it can easily glide in the air. The ball should not weigh more than 1.938 ounces or 45.93 grams. As far as the diameter is concerned, it should not be wider than 1.680 inches or 42.67 mm. Finally, the golf ball must provide efficiency. This means that the golf ball must help players play with accuracy and consistency.

Improvements in recent years

What many people do not know is that the golf balls had undergone tremendous changes in recent years and not just in the last decades or centuries. Wiser players know that this and use it to their advantage. One should actually pout as much emphasis on choosing golf balls as in choosing golf clubs. Golf ball manufacturers actually spent millions in research and development just to be able to give players the best performing golf ball. Some of  the more advanced golf balls are quite expensive but more often than not, the price is justified. You can easily see the difference in performance between a low quality and a high quality ball. Of course, price should not be the only indicator that you should use. But if a cheap ball looks too good to be true, then it probably is.

tee it up!

Beware of imitations

Another thing that you should be aware of when buying golf balls is the existence of imitations. You should particularly be careful if you are buying online. This is the reason why you should only buy from accredited dealers and sellers of original golf equipment. The problem with counterfeits is that it is hard to spot them nowadays which, ironically, is also die to advancements in science in technology. Keep in mind that buying these fakes is not worth the savings up front. Original equipment lasts much longer, so it’s much cheaper in the long run.

Obama has some great golf gear, but now you know what to do to get on the same level as him.  Get some great shoes, balls, and have at it!