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Although Obama is proclaimed as a 'new face' in the Democratic party, he parrots the same gun control mantras common to old line Democrats. In fact, he may go publicly further than the average Democrat by advocating for a ban on all semiautomatic firearms.

Sportsmen should find Barack Obama's stand on gun control to be reprehensible.

Five Mile Exclusion - Denver
Friday, 07 March 2008

In 1999 Obama suggested a law that would prevent all gun stores within a five mile radius of schools and parks (See Obama's Draconian Gun Control). The white area is the calculated exclusion zone for a 50 mile radius around Denver for just schools. Parks have not been brought into the equation yet. Each pushpin represents a school.

It is interesting to note that all of Boulder County east of the mountains is in the exclusion zone as is the entire city of Denver.

Update: The map has been updated and covers the I-25 corridor for all of Colorado. The exclusion zone extends from north of Fort Collins to south of Colorado Springs varying from about 5 miles to probably 60 miles wide.


Data and mapping courtesy MapPoint 2006.

Pot Meet Kettle
Monday, 10 March 2008

Sportsmen for Obama? has been picked up by at least one Hillary supporter to influence gun owners to vote for Clinton.

You can find references here , here and here

What a joke. Claiming that Hillary is better on gun rights is like saying that liver cancer is better than lung cancer.

Perhaps we should go over and post links to Sportsmen for Clinton? on all these sites. 

One Handgun a Month & Obama
Monday, 10 March 2008

In May of 2003, the Senate considered House Bill 2579. The bill was about secret compartments in cars. Quickly the bill was completely gutted and replaced by language criminalizing the acquisition of more than one handgun in a thirty day period.

Obama felt this to be a particulary important piece of legislation and goes on for more than a page about this "very measured, modest regulation" starting on page 120 of the day's transcripts.

Obama voted for House Bill 2579, as amended. The bill failed to pass the Illinois Senate. 

The Illinois Years - Obama's Gun Control Votes
Tuesday, 26 February 2008

 April 4, 2001



  Obama voted against a bill that would have allowed concealed carry by those who had an order of protection issued against another. 

You can find his hostility to concealed carry in the transcripts starting on page 100.

 May 30, 2002 SB-1936

 Made it legal for someone to possess a firearm without an FOID card as long as they were in the direct supervision of someone with an FIOD card. The bill became law.

Obama voted against it.

 March 24, 2003

 From the legislature site:

"Amends the Criminal Code of 1961. Provides that the Department of State Police shall publish a list of handguns having a barrel, slide, frame or receiver that is a die casting of zinc alloy or any other nonhomogeneous metal which will melt or deform at a temperature of less than 800 degrees Fahrenheit. Provides that a building used for the unlawful sale of firearms may be abated as a public nuisance only if the person using the building for the unlawful sale has been convicted of the offense and the Department of State Police has published the list of prohibited firearms. Effective immediately."

Obama vote for this bill. It died in the House.

 March 25, 2003 SB-2163

 Would have lowered the age for FOID card from 21 to 18. The result is that some men in the military are not able to own firearms.

Obama voted against it.

 March 27, 2003 SB-947

 A "Gun Show Loophole" bill.

Obama voted for it.

 May 7,  2003 HB-1096

 Would have legalized handgun deer hunting.

Obama did not vote.

 May 15, 2003 HB-515

This bill was to notify gun owners when their gun was the subject of records request or search. The bill would have allowed the owner to have his trace information destroyed under certain circumstances. During this time Daley was trying to use trace information to use in gun manufacturer lawsuits.

Obama voted against the bill. It passed but the governor vetoed it.

 May 16, 2003



House Bill 2579 evolved from a car "secret compartments" bill to a one handgun every 30 days bill.

Obama goes on for more than a page about this "very measured, modest regulation" on page 120 of the day's transcripts .

Obama voted for the bill. 

 May 24, 2003 SB-257

 A House Amendment would legalize handgun deer hunting.

Obama voted in favor of the House Amendment. He did not vote for or against SB-257.

 March 25, 2004 SB-2165

 From the Illinois Legislature site:

"Amends the Criminal Code of 1961. Provides that it is an affirmative defense to a violation of a municipal ordinance that prohibits, regulates, or restricts the private ownership of firearms if the individual who is charged with the violation used the firearm in an act of self-defense or defense of another. Effective immediately."

Obama voted against this bill twice. It passed anyway. The governor vetoed and the legislature overrode the veto. 

There may be more bills that I have yet to find. If you know of any or find any searching the legislature's site, please email me. 

Looking for Info
Thursday, 21 February 2008

I am always looking for information on Obama from Obama himself. This morning I ran into this little video:

Apparently 64 pages amounts to "boxes and boxes of specifics"! So, I did as instructed and went to and looked for his blueprint. It is tough to find, but click on "Issues".

Searching the 64 pages, you will find "gun" and "firearm" exactly zero times.

That is why this site exists. 

California Firearm Law Obama's Standard
Thursday, 21 February 2008

In the Huffington Post, we finally get clarity from Obama himself.  Taking on The Lobby makes it clear that Obama thinks California gun law should be taken national.


After the horror that was Northern Illinois University Thursday afternoon, Barack Obama announced Friday morning that, as a constitutional attorney, he supports the Second Amendment right to bear arms, thinks it doesn't only apply to the militia, and that he also plans to use California gun control legislation as a paradigm for a national policy to contain the spread of gun violence.

But, is it really possible to have it both ways? Can one support the right to bear arms, as well as implement the kind of national gun control legislation that will stem the flood of shootings on our nation's campuses, streets, and homes? Essentially, the question is, should Senator Obama become President Obama would he be prepared to take on the most powerful, and influential, congressional lobby outside of the tobacco industry, the gun lobby?

After the spate of campus killings at Columbine, Virginia Tech, and now at Northern Illinois, there is little doubt that the former president, and his attorney general brother, Robert F. Kennedy, would be hard at work on gun control legislation now.
Obama is fond of this quote from President John F. Kennedy: "Let us never negotiate out of fear. But let us never fear to negotiate," but is he any more ready for hand to hand combat with those who put their rifles next to Gideon's Bible in Motel 6's from Idaho to Alaska, those who are the most obstinant opponents of restrictions on the possession, manufacture, and sale of firearms? He suggests that he would support legislation on the order of gun laws implemented, in California, during Gray Davis' tenure as governor.

So, what does that mean? As a start, how about:

  1. Handgun registration.
  2. Approved firearm lists determined by politicians.
  3. Assault weapons registrations and bans.
  4. A fifty caliber ban.
  5. Discretionary concealed carry.

And the list is expanding. California has passed an ammunition encoding requirement recently to go into effect January 1, 2010. So expect registration of ammunition purchases.

If this is Obama's concept of "supports the Second Amendment right to bear arms", I would hate to see what would happen to any right he does not believe in.

For a more complete view of California gun law, I suggest Calgunlaws as a start.

h/t to Alphecca.

From DirtCrashr I have learned that California also has:

  • A lead ammo ban,
  • and a microstamping law coming into effect.

Additionally, in the works are:

  • An anti "Sniper Riffle" law (any scoped hunting rifle).
    and an "Assault Pistol" Ban.
Between the high cost of living, traffic congestion, taxes, would somebody please tell me why anyone would want to live in California.
Sponsored Legislation During the Illinois Years
Tuesday, 19 February 2008

The following is a list of firearms legislation sponsored by Barack Obama during his tenure in the Illinois legislature.

 90th General Assembly

Jan 1997 - Jan 1999

 SB-0550  Amends the Criminal Code of 1961. Provides that upon recovering a firearm from the possession of anyone under 21 years of age who is not authorized by federal or State law to possess the firearm, the local law enforcement agency shall trace where the person under 21 gained possession of the firearm. Provides that upon completing a trace, the local law enforcement agency shall record its findings on a form prescribed by the Department of State Police and shall forward a copy within 5 days to the Director of State Police.
Deletes provisions that a firearms trace is not complete until  enough evidence exists to make prosecution possible or until all available resources have been exhausted. Requires local law enforcement agencies to use the National Tracing Center of the Federal Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms in tracing firearms recovered from persons under 21 years of age. Requires local law enforcement agencies to use the LEADS Gun File to enter all stolen, seized, or recovered firearms.

 91st General Assembly

Jan 1999 - Jan 2001

 HB-0076  Amends the Criminal Code of 1961. Provides that the local law enforcement agency shall use the best available information, including a firearms trace, to determine how and from whom a person who is not permitted by federal or State law to possess a firearm gained possession of a firearm (now the provision applies only when the law enforcement agency recovers the firearm from a person under 21 years of age).
  HB-0227 Amends the Criminal Code of 1961. Creates the offenses of possession of a stolen firearm and aggravated possession of a stolen firearm. Changes penalties for unlawful use or possession of firearms by felons.
  SB-0048 Amends the Firearm Owners Identification Card Act. Requires an applicant for a firearm owners identification card to sign a release waiving any right to confidentiality and consenting to the disclosure to the Department of State Police of the applicant's mental health records from any state, the District of Columbia, any other territory of the United States, or a foreign nation for the sole purpose of determining eligibility for a card.
Provides that an applicant for a Firearm Owners Identification Card must only sign a release of his or her mental health records upon request of the Department of State Police.
Deletes everything after the enacting clause. Limits the information disclosed to the Department of State Police to mental health institution admission information. Provides that no mental health or treatment records may be requested. Provides that the information received shall be destroyed within one year of receipt.

 Creates the Firearm Liability Act. Provides that a firearm transferor is strictly liable in a civil action for death, injury, or property damage resulting from the use of a firearm that was unlawfully sold, transferred, or caused to be sold or transferred.

Provides that the plaintiff may recover punitive damages in addition to all other lawful damages, court costs, and attorney's fees.

Provides that a defendant found strictly liable under this Act must pay $10,000 in a civil penalty to the Department of State Police if the defendant sold, transferred, or caused to be sold or transferred a firearm in violation of certain provisions of the Firearm Owners Identification Card Act or the Criminal Code of 1961.

Provides that an action under this Act must be commenced within 5 years after the cause of action accrued.

   SB-1616 Amends the Firearm Owners Identification Card Act. Provides that an applicant for a Firearm Owner's Identification Card must appear in person before a law enforcement agency and submit positive identification to a law enforcement officer before the issuance of the application to the applicant. Increases the fee for a Firearm Owner's Identification Card from $5 to $10. Provides that the additional $5 shall be deposited into the Firearm Owner's Notification Fund. Provides that the Department of State Police shall, 60 days (rather than 30 days) prior to the expiration of a Firearm Owner's Identification Card, forward to each person whose card is to expire a notification of the expiration of the card. Deletes provisions requiring the forwarding of the actual application. Amends the Illinois Vehicle Code. Requires the Department of State Police to forward to the Secretary of State the names, addresses, and other identifying information about holders of Firearm Owner's Identification Cards. Provides that the information shall be compiled in a database and may be accessed by law enforcement officers who enforce traffic laws.

 92nd General Assembly

Jan 2001 - Jan 2003 


Prohibits ownership of firearms by anyone who has ever been convicted of stalking in Illinois or a substantially similar offense in another jurisdiction.



 Eliminates exemption from the unlawful use of weapons and aggravated unlawful use of a weapon statutes that permits a person who has been issued a currently valid Firearm Owner's Identification Card to transport or possess an unloaded firearm that is enclosed in a case or other container that is not a firearm carrying box or shipping box. Provides that the penalty provisions of the offense of unlawful purchase of a firearm apply to attempting to purchase firearms in violation of the statute.

  SB-1136  Requires an applicant for a Firearm Owner's Identification Card to appear in person at a local law enforcement agency, and before receiving an application, present positive evidence of identification to a law enforcement officer.  Requires the applicant to submit to fingerprinting and to a photograph.  Provides that a Firearm Owner's Identification Card issued on after the amendatory Act is valid for a 3-year rather than a 5-year period.   Provides that moneys in the Firearm Owner's Notification Fund shall also be used for reimbursing local law enforcement agencies for carrying out their responsibilities under the Act.
  SB- 1338 Amends the Criminal Code of 1961. Creates the offense of unlawful use of a semiautomatic assault weapon or large capacity ammunition feeding device, defined as knowingly selling, manufacturing, purchasing, possessing, or carrying a semiautomatic assault weapon or large capacity ammunition feeding device. Provides that the offense is a Class 2 felony. Exempts peace officers and members of the Armed Services or Reserved Forces of the United States and Illinois National Guard while in the performance of their official duties and wardens, superintendents, and keepers of prisons, penitentiaries, jails and other facilities for the detention of persons accused or convicted of an offense. Also exempts the manufacture, transportation, or sale of these weapons or devices to those persons.


 Amends the Criminal  Code  of  1961.   Creates  the  offense  of unlawful  use  of  a  semiautomatic assault weapon or large capacity ammunition   feeding   device,   defined   as    knowingly    selling, manufacturing,  purchasing,  possessing,  or  carrying a semiautomatic assault weapon or large capacity ammunition feeding  device.  Provides that  the  offense  is  a  Class  2 felony. Exempts peace officers and members of the Armed Services or Reserved Forces of the United  States and Illinois National Guard while in the performance of their official duties   and   wardens,   superintendents,  and  keepers  of  prisons, penitentiaries, jails  and  other  facilities  for  the  detention  of persons   accused  or  convicted  of  an  offense.  Also  exempts  the manufacture, transportation, or sale of these weapons  or  devices  to those persons.


Obama Speaks!
Friday, 15 February 2008

From Obama Says US Must End Gun Violence:

Feb 15, 12:14 PM (ET)
MILWAUKEE (AP) - Barack Obama says the country must do "whatever it takes" to eradicate gun violence but believes in the right to bear arms.
Obama says he's offered his Senate office to help Northern Illinois University with the investigation into a campus shooting rampage. The shooting happened in his home state. Obama was campaigning in neighboring Wisconsin.
The senator, a former constitutional law instructor, says he believes the Second Amendment to the Constitution grants individual gun rights.
But he says it's subject to commonsense regulations like background checks.

I just have to ask: After everything he has said and done, does he actually think we believe or trust him? 

More on the Constitutional Right to Sporting Goods
Monday, 04 February 2008

From the AP:

BOISE, Idaho (AP) — Democratic Sen. Barack Obama assured Western voters Saturday he believes in Jesus as well as the rights of gun owners.
The presidential candidate warned people about hoax e-mails they may get saying he’s secretly a Muslim who might want to destroy the United States.
“I’ve been going to the same church for 20 years, praising Jesus,” the Illinois senator told more than 10,000 people packed into Boise State’s basketball arena. He is a member of Trinity United Church of Christ in Chicago…
…”And then there are people who say, ‘well he doesn’t believe in the Second Amendment,’ even though I come from a state — we’ve got a lot of hunters in downstate Illinois. And I have no intention of taking away folks’ guns.”
Obama didn’t mention that he does support gun control and has a record of voting for it in the Illinois Senate. He backed limiting handgun purchases to one a month, but he made no attempts to ban them. Today, he stands by his support for controls while trying to reassure hunters that he has no interest in interfering with their access to firearms.

Well I have a few questions:

Barack, do you support my right to carry bowling balls? How about those extra-heavy, 15 pound, assault balls?

Do you support my right to shoot someone in my apartment who has invaded, unannounced and uninvited pointing a knife or gun at me?

How about if I live in the Chicago slums?

How about if I live downstate a mile from my nearest neighbor, 20 miles from the nearest cop?

These questions may seem completely unrelated, but according to Barack, they are not.

According to Barack, the Second Amendment is about hunting traditions from rural areas and has nothing to do with individual's rights.

And according to Barack, hunters should have access to guns while those in the inner city should be restricted because of the danger.

I am not sure where is he going with this or how he might attempt to accomplish it, but it sounds like we are heading back towards the racist roots of gun control.

Updates and News

How local laws affect skateboarders and skateboard parks around the country?

Skateboarding is a very serious and dangerous sport as compared to several other sports because it may lead you to some severe accidents in some situations. Therefore, the higher authorities that are responsible for designing the laws for different places have imposed some laws and restrictions on this sport. These laws and restrictions are not only for playing this sport publically but these laws also implement to the people that play these sports in the parks.

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Obama a Soccer Fan? We Look at the Former President’s Favorite Sports

The president of the United States is not only a role model for the people of United States but for the other countries as well. The United States is one of the most powerful countries of the world.

It’s not only the people of the United States but the people from the entire world that are interested in knowing about the life of the American presidents because they want to follow their lifestyle to become successful in their lives.

All the presidents of United States have managed the administration of the country in a perfect way that’s why America has become the most powerful country in the world. One of the most common things found in the presidents of United States is the fitness.

Almost all the presidents of United States were conscious about their health and that’s the reason why they all were interested in watching and playing several games.

Today, we’re going to focus on the life of the former US president Barrack Obama. President Obama was a fit and healthy president of US and the reason behind his fitness was the craze of playing several games. In this article, we’ll talk about the favorite games of President Obama and we’ll also discuss his love of Soccer.


Golf is the favorite game of almost all the presidents of US. President Obama is a very good player of golf and he used to play golf in his spare time.

It is also reported that he used to go to golf club every week to play some golf with his friends. His wife is also a huge fan of Golf and she also accompanies him whenever he goes to play the golf.


Soccer is one of the favorite games of President Obama. Wharton’s Old Trafford soccer tours revealed a fact that President Obama has a craze of watching and playing Soccer. He wasn’t an expert soccer player but he still knew lots of tricks to dodge the players. It is also reported that he never missed watching a soccer match.

He doesn’t have any favorite team but he has a craze of watching the match. That’s why he never misses an international match without worrying about who is playing the match. He still has a craze of watching soccer matches and he doesn’t want to miss a match.


Baseball is an energetic game that requires a lot of energy and effort. President Obama was also a fan of Baseball and he used to play baseball with several players. He never spent enough time to play baseball but he still was a big fan of baseball. And he always goes to watch the match of baseball whenever an international match is being played.

Why is it good to have athletes as social influencers in the political campaign

We witnessed some extraordinary political campaigns in the last decade or so. The number of voters is still the primary objective for each campaign; yet, the strategic team behind the most effective political campaigns have raised the bar with their approach to the matter.

Engaging celebrities in the political campaign is not a novelty, but with the power of social media, their role became more prominent for a particular political campaign. Acting as spokespersons for the selected candidate, famous athletes, actors, businesspeople, and investors have the power to attract the voters. On the other hand, prominent people act as influencers: having their circle of followers and people who trust them, they can easily push specific ideas to their followers and gain more votes for the candidate they represent.

Since influencers became one of the cornerstones of modern political campaigns, let’s take a look at athletes role in the political campaigns and their effect on the voters.

Athletes as Social Influencers

Athletes are an excellent example of the values a particular political campaign or political party is about to promote. First of all, athletes are great role models for children and teenagers, which indirectly makes an impact on the parents. Since politicians encourage family values and put a considerable amount of effort to make these values stand out in their campaign, athletes serve them as a great example of their goals.

On the other hand, political campaigns focus on to make the voters believe in the authority of the selected candidate. In that matter, athletes have the power to make politicians accountable for their actions and words. The logic behind the strategy is this: if you want to achieve something remarkable and revolutionary, which is by default something that will not be readily accepted, use people with credentials and proven track record of success. There is a likely chance that your idea will gain more attention and affection with that strategy.

The impact of athletes on voters

A successful political campaign is the one that addresses the issues of minorities. For the success of every marketing goal, Jay Levinson extracted four significant marketplace segments, among which Hispanic community has its vital role. In the light of political engagement, Hispanic athletes involved in bodybuilding, for example, are excellent goal target for politicians. The bodybuilding industry gained more and more attention within the Hispanic community, which gives unique advantages for political marketing experts and their projects. As the Hispanic bodybuilders aspire to achieve melhor termogênico regulation for their body, the political marketing experts and their clients want to stir up their voter’s beliefs and emotions and direct it toward their candidate.

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